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1590x590x590 (mm)
Functions:Developing the strength and flexibility of lumbar and abdominal muscles and consuming the fat in waist and abdomen to slim figure; necessary for figure shaping and bodybuilding.
Instructions:Lie on the equipment with feet firmly pressed to the foot-bar from underside and put both hands crossed behind the head for fear of injury. Contract abdominal muscles to sit up and then recover slowly. Repeat the process.


Specifications:1200x600x1540 (mm)
Functions:Strengthening cardiac and pneumonic function, developing the strength of muscles in upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, abdomen and back, and improving the coordination between four limbs; good for the healing of bending and stretching hindrances in wrist, elbow, hip joint and knee joint, and aches in limbs, waist and back.
Instructions:Sit on the chair with both bands holding the handles and put the feet on the pedals. Stretch the legs downwards and pull the handles horizontally at the same time. 


Specifications: 1200x180x2970 (mm)
Functions:Building up the strength and flexibility of muscles in upper limbs,back and shoulder.
Instructions: promoting the function of shoulder joints,elbows,wrists and fingers.  


Specifications:340x470x1560 (mm)
Functions: Developing the strength of lumbar, dorsal and abdominal muscles to protect backbone, clearing blood and Qi channels to make adjustment to the nervous system and preventing the occurrence of intervertebral disk displacement.


Specifications:810x890x1660 (mm)
Functions:Strengthening the muscles of thigh, the flexibility and the agility. Good for relieving the troubles related the joints of lower limbs and the muscular atrophy.
Instructions:Stand up facing the machine and put a leg on the foot-bar. Bend down the upper body and move to get exercise.
Repeat the process reversely.


Specifications:1300x100x1480 (mm)
Functions:Developing the strength of muscles of the shoulder, improving the flexibility and agility of shoulder joints, elbows, wrists and strengthening cardiac and pneumonic functions; good for the healing of frozen shoulder, functional hindrances and injuries of shoulder joints and elbows.
Instructions:Hold the handles with both hands and turn the wheel clockwise or counterclockwise slowly.

Specifications:1400x650x1190 (mm)
Functions: Improving the muscular strength of waist and abdomen, the flexibility and the agility of waist and each joint. Ideal for the functional disorder of waist, the lumbar muscular fatigue and the physical fatigue. Burning the fat of the waist and the belly and helping to have nice figure.
Instructions:Stand on the plate with both hands holding the handles tightly. Turn the waist from side to side.
Caution: Do not miss the handles and keep your body controllable during the exercise.
Specifications:1990x500x1260 (mm)
Functions:Strengthening cardiac and pneumonic function, developing the strength of muscles in lower limbs and waist, and improving the flexibility, coordination and stability of lower limbs; good for the healing of to strain of lumbar muscles, hip joint aches, functional hinderances in lower limb joints, muscular inability and atrophy, etc.
Instructions:Stand upright on the board with both hands holding the bars tightly. Move legs like walking to exercise.

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